Impact of Supply Chain Management on Consumer’s Behavior in the Sporting Goods Industry of Pakistan


  • Abdul Saeed University of Karachi


Sporting industry of Pakistan is one of the most popular ones in the international market. The goods and services are availed by our international vendors on high scale and demand increases in the sporting season such as tournaments and leagues. The consumers are not just internationally spread but locally in Pakistan, there are many sports lovers who buy these goods with regularity regardless of the seasons or any other influences. However, there have been a great number of locals of Pakistan, interested in buying the international sporting products online rather than buying it from Pakistani brands. This study investigates the core impact of the supply chain management on the consumers’ behavior when it comes to buying the sporting goods from Pakistan. The study was conducted using 250 participants filling questionnaires, making it a quantitative study. The results are analyzed by using descriptive analysis and regression analysis. Results in the end asserted that really the consumers are high impacted by the bad supply chain management of the sporting industry in Pakistan and here by there is a need of improving these services to gain better profits in future.


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