The impact of green purchase is supply chain of manufacturing industry in Pakistan an Empirical study


  • Mirza Saad Baig saad Trade executive


The purpose of this research is to know the impact of the green purchase in the manufacturing industries in Pakistan. Are they buying the products which are environment friendly or they are focusing on the environment. In this research we put focus mainly on the environment like the product which these companies are using in Pakistan is it is environment friendly or not like degradable and biodegradable or are these products releasing carbon footprints or not.

Secondly, my objective to doing this research is giving the knowledge to the customers regarding the environment through our marketing and manufacturing techniques is these purchasing is affective or not. Thirdly, the purchase intention towards the green products the customers are purchasing the products which are not harmful for the environment and also our manufacturing companies are they purchasing the product or not. Furthermore, the consumer buying behavior towards the green product are they buying these products or not. We have conducted this research and it was a good learning tenure for me I learnt a lot in this report.

Keywords: Environmental concerns, Perceived Environmental knowledge, perceived consumer effectiveness, purchase intention and Consumer buying behavior towards the green product.


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