Impact of Green Logistics Management Practices on the Firm Performances

A Study of Manufacturing Industry in Karachi


  • Muhammad Danish KUBS department, Karachi university


Green logistics management practices, information sharing, green packaging, green warehousing, green transportation, logistics emissions, logistics networking, loading and unloading, and firm performance.


The business avtivites are increasing globally day by day due this logistic management activities are being boosted and causing a emissions of green house gases and transportation emissions and waste of materials and resources. And put adverse effects on environment and business performances. the purpose of this study is to conceptualise the green logistics management practices and explore the impacts of green logistics management practices on firm performance. Research methodology: This study was quantitative in nature, and I tested the hypothesis by adapting close ended questionnaire. Data collected through online google forms from respondents of manufacturing industry in Karachi. Sample size was set 335 but valid data was collected from 165 respondents for analysis. And descriptive tests, multi regression, anova, reliability tests were perform by using statistical software (SPSS) for analysis. Findings and conclusion: The results of the study shows that information sharing, green transportation, logistics emissions, loading unloading shows significant impacts on firm performance manufacturing industry. Firms needs to focus on these green practices to improve operational, financial, and encironmental performances. While green packaging, green warehousing, and logistics networking shows an in-significant impacts and do not have sufficient evidence for showing imacts on firm performance. Which could be less emphises by the industries of Pakistan. There is again high need of ensuring that these parameters are taken seriously by the companies in Pakistan. Key words: Green logistics management practices, information sharing, green packaging, green warehousing, green transportation, logistics emissions, logistics networking, loading and unloading, and firm performance.


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