Impact of Nap Time on Work Performance

A Study of Public Sector Universities in Sindh


  • Maryam Shakeel
  • Khalid Mahmood Iraqi


Nap Time Work Performance Employee Health Employee Happiness Employee Productivity Employee Work Load


Human resource is one of the most important assets for organizations as they play critical role across the organizational workplace irrespective of field, department, level and nature of job. Organizations today are evolving and changing at rapid pace because of their way of working is changing and evolving due to the impacts of external environmental forces on the business practices and activities of such firms. Due to such evolving HRM practices and environment, the focus of this study was to emphasize on new yet evolving HR areas such as nap time and work performance. The major aim of this study was to analyze the impacts of nap time on the work performance, in regards to the public sector universities of Sindh. It was also the prime objective of the study to evaluate the impacts of employee health, employee happiness, employee productivity and work load on work performance. In order to evaluate and analyze these variables, the data was gathered from 315 responses with the help of questionnaire. The findings of this research study showed that there is a positive and direct association between nap time and work performance. It is evaluated that organizations that can provide nap time to its work force may have better chances of improvement in their workforce work performance. It can be stated that nap time can result in the improved work performance.



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Shakeel, M. ., & Iraqi, K. M. . (2020). Impact of Nap Time on Work Performance: A Study of Public Sector Universities in Sindh. Research Journal of Supply Chain & Business Management, 1(1). Retrieved from




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