Impact of effective supply chain management in CPEC and its impact on the economy of Pakistan


  • Ali Siddiqui Karachi University Business School


The topic which is selected for this research is the supply chain management field. As the supply chain management is the most efficient and effective tool for any entity’s survival and all the operations are dependent on it from the activity of initiation to the consumption. In this research the logistics is focused and implemented in the game changer project of Pakistan which China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in which various of projects, 1000 kms plus tracks and other investment are being implemented in Pakistan which will directly and indirectly change the destiny of Pakistan and people of Pakistan. For this the data and information are being gathered collected from the various research papers and articles which were written, and research conducted by the different authors. The data is also collected through questionnaire from various respondents which includes the students at various Universities, employees of various industries (FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Textile, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and others) employees of Supply Chain Department of various industries, top management executives of various industries, Owners and employees of Transport Companies of Pakistan and Third-Party facilitators of Transport Industries of Pakistan.

 Now as part of concern of this research, the researcher has selected this topic because it is concern to the present era and a kind of learning for the opportunities and threat for the CPEC. It will also be helpful for the people to know about CPEC and invest in the project. Not only this it will also be beneficial for the region as well and the foreign investment will also be invested by different countries. In this research it is found that the Logistics and CPEC have the significant impact on the Economy of Pakistan. The data and results have also justified this statement as well. Not only this but past research and articles have also concluded the significance and positive relationship of it.

Keywords: China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Logistics Management, Economic Development, Gwadar, Kashgar, GDP, Gamechanger


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