Influence of Product Placement and Product Packaging Aspects on Customer’s Impulsive Procurement Behaviour


  • Aleem Ghori College of Management Sciences, Lahore


Product Placement, Product Packaging, Customer’s Behaviour, Impulsive Procurement


The proposed topic is consequential from the much larger consumer behaviour disciplines, over which ample research has been previously been conducted. However, a precise aspect of the science that is impulsive conduct has been in the shadows. Thus, the topic aims to shed light on the phenomena known as impulsive comportment and whether or not it can be used to trigger impulsive procurements from clients. The research is aimed at 2 aspects of product that can be used to study this initiating phenomenon a) Packaging of the product b) Placement at the market place. A literature review of the little work already done in this field will be conducted whereas primary data will also be gathered to further clarify and defend any claims made. The study will help, not only in adding to the field of consumer sciences of this particular Asian region but it will also help in capitalizing numerous opportunities on the departmental store front as it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country, making the findings of this discipline of key importance to various venture capitalists as well as existing business. Furthermore, the study will also add to the field of marketing and segmentation relations with reference to packaging as well provide an insight to e-commerce application with reference to placement sciences.


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